Japanese Hida A5 Wagyu Tenderloin Steaks (Special Offer)

2 Steaks


True Japanese A5 Wagyu beef is impossibly delicious: intensely rich intramuscular marbling gives it an exquisite rich flavour unlike any other type of beef. Hida Wagyu specifically is known for having a higher ratio of marbling than other Wagyu, making it some of the most tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat you will ever taste. You might even say it is life-changing!

Japanese A5 Wagyu has an exceptionally strict grading system and limited exports outside of Japan. Hida Wagyu itself must be raised in the Gifu Prefecture from a black-haired Japanese cattle breed. Needless to say – the real deal can be next to impossible to source in Canada! But Farm 2 Fork has you covered. This is genuine, certified, Japanese A5 Hida Wagyu – trust us, you need to try this.

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  • 2 steaks
  • 141 g (5 oz) per steak

*Weights may vary


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