How to Stock a Standard Freezer

You want to order the best premium meat (say, from a company that offers meat delivery in Ottawa… oh, hey, we do that!)…

But you don’t have a big chest freezer, so there is no way you could fit all that deliciousness in your regular old freezer, right?


With a few strategic maneuvers you can make the most out of your standard freezer, so you can stock up on mouth-watering meat.

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Tip #1: Vacuum seal

Air around frozen items takes up valuable freezer space and causes freezer burn. Vacuum sealing your food before freezing it gets rid of excess air and reduces the risk of freezer burn ruining your precious meat (or vegetables or whatever). If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, use the water submersion method.

(Psst: Farm 2 Fork products are already vacuum sealed!)

Tip #2: Ditch the boxes

There is no need for bulky cardboard to take up room in your freezer that could be occupied by steak. Whenever possible, ditch the boxes. If you need the instructions from the box, cut it out and tape it to the outside of the bag.

(Psst: We care about the environment, too. Farm 2 Fork boxes are recyclable, so we encourage you to recycle.)

Tip #3: Freeze flat

If you are freezing liquid (like some immune-boosting bone broth made from organic grass bed beef bones , perhaps) transfer it to freezer safe plastic bags, squeeze as much air out as possible, and lay the bag flat on a small cookie sheet. Once it is frozen, remove the cookie sheet. Flat-frozen items are much easier to stack and take up less space.

Tip #4: Portion it out

Freeze food in the portions you typically eat it in, so you aren’t stuck eating 3lbs of ground beef in one sitting because you had to thaw it all at once.

(Psst: Almost all Farm 2 Fork products are individually vacuum sealed, so they are already portioned out as individual items.)

Tip #5: Dump the ice

Wouldn’t you rather have another bacon wrapped chicken breast or two in your freezer than some lousy ice, anyway? (If you must have ice, consider a counter-top ice machine.)

(Psst: Once you ditch the ice, any Farm 2 Fork minimum order will fit in a standard fridge-freezer.)

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Almost all Farm 2 Fork products are individually vacuum sealed to maximize freshness and space

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Even with a standard freezer, there is no excuse for not stocking up!



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