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Pets are family, yet they are often fed the same boring, nutrient-poor food for every meal. They may not complain, but that doesn’t mean they like it. (We bet if you tried to feed your human family the same low quality food, there would be plenty of complaining!)

Although they may no longer resemble the timber wolves and jungle cats they share ancestors with, domestic dogs and cats deserve to eat as well as their wild relatives!

Kibbles and bits

Kibble is often made with the least desirable bits of the animals, processed together with loads of carbohydrates and additives to form easily packaged dry pieces. The resulting “food” is sadly lacking in important nutrients.

Raw food is nothing but high-quality protein and essential fats, with no unnecessary filler or additives. That means that with every bite, your pet gets nothing but nutrients. (And there is absolutely no cooking required – in fact, cooking would reduce the nutrient value of the food!)

The benefits of feeding raw food

More Energy

Just like humans, when pets eat better food they feel better.

Absorbing all those nutrients (without all that useless filler!) means they will have an extra spring in their step and sparkle in their eye.

Less Stink

Ironically, the preservatives that help keep kibble “fresh” make your pet smell anything but. Raw fed pets lack the unpleasant aroma that keeps them relegated to the floor. When your pet eats raw food, they are safe to snuggle.

Less Poo

Poo is waste – it contains everything the body can’t use. Lots of poo means the body isn’t retaining much of what goes into it. Pets fed raw food retain most of what they eat, so there is very little waste – it is smaller, firmer, and much less stinky!

More Shine

Fur is 90% protein. When dogs and cats don’t get enough protein in their diet, their coats become dull and flat. The high protein content of raw food allows Fido and Fluffy to grow a lustrous, soft, shampoo-commercial-worthy coat.

Don’t Get A Raw Deal

Not all raw food is made the same. Just like with human food, it matters where the meat comes from and how it was raised.

All Farm2Fork natural pet food uses beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and lamb from small-scale Canadian producers who take pride in raising their animals without antibiotics and hormones.

The food contains 6-10% organ meat to achieve the proper nutrient balance for your pet. All of our food is packed in convenient, re-sealable 2lb bags – there is really no excuse not to give your pet the best.

The Natural Pet Food Collection: premium quality raw pet food for the four-legged family member who deserves the best.